Translation is a business with tight deadlines and massive swings in workloads, so flexibility is vital. We are quick on our feet because we are organised at two levels: an in-house team and our external partners.

Teamwork has big advantages over the usual model of stand-alone translators working through agencies. We can invest more time and money in translation resources such as terminology databases, software and quality assurance. And constant communication breeds greater consistency and understanding where a task involves a number of people.

We share knowledge, ideas and information about ongoing activities (though there is a single manager for each account and project). You will always be talking to someone who knows about your translation and accepts responsibility.

We have a large of pool of freelancers based in Austria and abroad, and also work with many highly professional partner firms.

Belonging to the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) has greatly expanded our network of partner offices. We meet the managers at the regular meetings. Most ELIA members are certified under EN 15038 or other standards.