Use our calculator for a quick, rough guide to our pricing. Please contact us for a precise quotation.

Price calculator

  • Use MS Word to count the length of your text in characters (including spaces) and input this into the calculator below, which will divide by 55 to get the number of standard lines and then multiply that by the rate per line.
  • The calculator gives you the price, based on standard lines, for the target language. Please note that translations into some languages are likely to turn out considerably shorter (e.g. English) or longer (e.g. French or Italian), so the source language only gives you a rough idea of the cost.
  • In principle, we can translate from German or English into and out of all languages in the calculator, and can also translate many of the other language combinations, but we cannot be sure of finding suppliers for every possible combination.



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Our prices are usually based on standard lines and the target language for your translation. This is the normal basis of calculation in Central Europe, so it makes price comparisons easier. However we are happy to price according to words and/or the source language. The advantage of using the source language is that you know from the start exactly what the translation will cost. The disadvantage is that translations into English cost more. For administrative and IT reasons the same basis for calculating the text length must apply to all of your translations.

The prices below apply only to translations of normal difficulty, and we reserve the right to charge higher rates for highly specialised translations. All prices are subject to changes if our suppliers alter their rates.

Base rates from/into German:

  • Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovene, Spanish and Turkish: EUR 1.50 per standard line of 55 characters.
  • English: EUR 1.80 per standard line.
  • Dutch, Flemish, French, Greek and Italian: EUR 1.58 per standard line.
  • Arabic, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish: EUR 1.65 per standard line.
  • Chinese and Japanese: EUR 2.20 per standard line (minimum charge: EUR 55).
  • Rush orders (delivery in 3 hours): Basic rate + 15%.
  • Nights weekends and public holidays: Basic rate + 25%.
  • Minimum charge: English EUR 35; other languages (except Chinese/Japanese) EUR 50.
  • Bulk rate (over 50 standard 30-line pages): EUR 1.50 per line.
  • Trados discount: “Hits” during the first run with a translation memory are priced at EUR 1.33 per line. During the second run unchanged parts of the text are free of charge. Billing is based on a percentage text analysis.
  • Advertising copy: EUR 50 per ad (headline + 7 lines maximum).

EUR 20 per additional 5 lines of copy.
EUR 20 per headline without copy.
EUR 20 per execution (minor changes).

  • Patents: Basic rate + EUR 0.15 per standard line.


  • A standard line contains 55 characters including spaces between words.
  • We check English proofs once before printing at no cost if the copy is our original work.
  • Alterations to original copy which lead to more translation are treated as additional translation work.
  • Items in lists (e.g. parts lists or menus) are billed as one line per item.
  • For translations from/into more than three languages there is an administration charge of EUR 50 per three languages.