What is a good translation? Most people would agree that it is one that conveys the meaning of the original but also sounds natural.

Achieving this natural feel is a complex task, as there are strong expectations about the company words keep: they are not Lego bricks that can be plugged together at will. Good translation comes from observing living language in action – which is why we are forever googling.

Languages are inseparable from cultures, which differ greatly. For instance, there are things that sound fine in German but would never be said in English. That is why we see advising our clients on content as part of our job.

Awareness of function is also vital. For instance, in technical translation clarity, accuracy and consistency are paramount, while in a corporate press release or annual report enhancing the client’s image is every bit as important. In advertising, the aim is to find equivalents with the same message and tonality as the original.

Each type of translation calls for a different approach. The test of success is the product: does it fulfil its purpose?

That is the key to our translation philosophy. We try to produce translations that will connect with your audience.