Terms and conditions of business

The following are extracts from our general terms and conditions of business.

1. Prices
Unless otherwise agreed prices are according to our price list. Pricing by line is normally according to the length of the target text. In this case estimates based on the length of the source text are not binding and do not constitute quotations. Pricing by source text can be agreed, provided that it applies to all subsequent assignments and language combinations.

2. Services
The client is liable for any deficiencies in the source text which are reproduced by the translation. If the purpose of the translation goes beyond mere rendering of the contents of the source text the client must inform us of the purpose and target group of the text. Subsequent changes or additions to the source text are treated as new orders and invoiced accordingly. Translations are checked by a reader unless the client requests a deadline that makes this impossible. Such editing, and English proofreading (first set of proofs), is free of charge.

3. Communication
The client must nominate a contact to answer translators’ questions. No responsibility can be taken for compliance with the terminology and style desired by the client unless a contact is norminated and appropriate background information provided.

4. Deadlines
Agreed delivery deadlines apply only if the source text is provided at the agreed time and date. If we fall behind schedule a reasonable extension must be granted. In the event that such an extension is not complied with, the client may withdraw from the contract. In the event of withdrawal the client shall remain liable for payment for all services rendered up to the time of withdrawal.

5. Payment
Invoices are payable in full within 14 days of receipt.

6. Liability
Any deficiencies in the translation must be notified to us within three weeks of delivery and not later than going to press. In the event of a justified complaint we must be given an opportunity to rectify the deficiencies in the translation. Should the translation remain deficient, the client shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. Upon publication we assume liability for claims for damages up the amount of the agreed fees, provided that proofs have been submitted to us.

7. Confidentiality
We undertake to maintain strict confidentiality in respect of all texts submitted to us. The client must, however, inform us of any special confidentiality requirements. Unless otherwise agreed, source and target texts may be stored by us in electronic and hardcopy form.

8. Jurisdiction
All disputes shall be for the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Vienna.